Faraja Social Enterprise

We are a model organization that does not entirely depend on donor funding to implement our mission. This is possible through the surplus we earn from the extra services we offer. Note that the services are in line with our mission and vision as well. Our services in consultancy help build capacities of organizations and businesses in management. While our digital component creates more access to information. Faraja Safaris helps create avenues for networking.
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Faraja Digital

Thriving in a digital economy eliminates the protrusion of discomfort, and that is why Faraja Digital is here for all your Strategic Communication Needs in Information Management. We are your Virtual Assistants focused at making sure you and your audience communicates effectively. In your service, we create, manage and share information hence amplifying your impact giving you more access and control on the digital space including the online community where all our societies are connected.

Faraja Safaris

Faraja Africa approaches to travel and tours in Africa a little differently. Our unique perspective of the continent which focuses on sustainable development and conservation gives us the unique ability to share with you a different side of Africa and its incredible locations. We pledge to offer you out-of-this-world tours and travel holidays
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