Africa Youth Heritage Program-AYEHP #MyAfricanHeritage

Through our vast network of young changemakers across the region, the Africa Youth Heritage Program has made it possible to create avenues for young people in the African region to interact with each other about the culture and the rich African heritage on top of networking and establishing international friendship and understanding. Furthermore, through AYHP, we create joint action plans for various heritages, both regional and national building endeavours and avenues through which young people can appreciate their African heritage and train them on how best to use their heritage sites and materials as a source of income sustainably.

Our most pronounced project under this program has been the International Heritage Youth Camps and the World Heritage Volunteer Camps and Initiatives. These have not only equipped young people with skills in our focus scope areas but also helped them to foster collective efforts for preserving, protecting and promoting our culture. In the long run, this has facilitated the building of unity in diversity, identity, friendships and understanding.

By Promoting the spirit of globalisation for collective impact, young people are exposed to influencers or heritage sites, cultures, and ways of life shared from all over the African region. Through this initiative, young people have also learned to protect and preserve these heritage sites by planting trees in national parks and creating paths for wild animals and tourists not to endanger existing ground vegetation.

The project currently operates in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa but involves participants from all over the Anglophone African region (26 countries and 45 youth volunteers/leaders). Our actions or discussions and problem-solving differs from year to year and is focused on issues like wealth creation and meaningful participation in decision-making at the national and regional level.