The African Youth Heritage Program is aimed at increasing youg people’s involvement in promoting and protecting our heritage and culture. Through our wide network of young change-makers in the region, the Africa Exchange program has made it possible to create avenues for young people in the African region to interact, network and even plan joint courses of action for various national building endeavors. The most famous project under this program has been the International Youth Camp that has not only equipped young people with skills in our focus scope areas but also helped youth to foster collective efforts for development.

Under this project, young people are exposed to influencers from all over the African region. The project currently has been operating in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa but involved participants from all-over the Anglophone African region (26 countries and 45 youth leaders). Our discussions and problem solving differs year to year and is focused on issues that matter to you for example wealth creation and meaningful participation in decision making at national and regional level.

International Youth Camp (Robben Island, South Africa) #FarajaIYC

Under our Africa Exchange, the International Youth Camp is an annual project aimed at; creating a platform for young people across the African region and beyond to network, interact and deliberate on issues that concern them. Through our network of young people, we have previously hosted five camps in the Eastern Africa region (rotationally) through which, young people resolved to participate in democratic processes and drive social change in their communities. This saw the birth of a series of youth-led initiatives and community innervations

In 2018, the International Youth Camp will be in South Africa and will attract national youth leaders from over 26 Anglo-Africa in Partnership with Robben Island and other stakeholders. The camp will run from the 9th– 14th August 2018 under the theme; “The role of young people in the peaceful-sustainable economic and political transformation of Africa.” During the camp, youth will engage in, vibrant discussions about the role of young people as potential peer drivers for constructive civic engagement, and delve deeper into tackling issues around the state of young people’s participation in electoral and political processes in creating the ‘Africa We Want’. In addition, discussions will also focus on the role that technology plays in advancing democratic agendas, innovation, access to information and employment opportunities for young people alongside our culture and African Heritage.


Participation will be strictly by invitation only; National Student/Youth Councils are welcome to apply for delegate status by emailing us at Share with us your (1) Motivation Letter to participate, (2) Your Curriculum Vitae and (3) Recommendation Letter from Your National Executive Body. We look forward to having you onboard.

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