About Us


Welcome to Faraja Africa Foundation

Africa is home to the world’s youngest and fastest growing population of talented, but untapped potential. Although diverse sources continue to portray Africa as a dark continent filled with unemployment, cultural erosion, political instability, conflict, corruption, natural & man-made disaster, disease outbreaks, gender inequality and much more, we see a sleeping lion that needs to be nurtured and have its young people rise like a phoenix to bring everlasting change. Unlike other non-profits that focus on problems in Africa.  Faraja (Swahili word for comfort) Africa Foundation take a different paradigm that empowers and provides young people with the needed skills to succeed. The Foundation was founded in 2013 during the International Youth Camp in Zanzibar, Tanzania with inspiration from a team of social entrepreneurs. Faraja Africa Foundation is a youth-led Non-profit Organization.

With the current focus on Social entrepreneurship, leadership & civic engagement with the strong use of technology and digital tools, the Faraja Africa Foundation; Focuses on Providing training to youth during the fellowship year. Providing ongoing training and coaching for leaders in the field. Assessing the needs that youth initiated projects have as they move toward sustainability. Training youth in both civic engagement and entrepreneurship. Promoting civic engagement among youth empowering legislatures and Local Leaders with community organizing skills support the development and work of local communities. Organizing and facilitating public engagement activities as we keep our primary focus on youth leaders, their development, and their needs across Africa.

Our Vision


An informed, educated, economically empowered, socially engaged youth led society with 21st century skills and passionately dedicated to our African culture and heritage for national building in Africa.

Our Mission


To prepare emerging leaders to initiate, develop and sustain youth community and economic initiatives.

Our Story


Our story begins in 2013, a team of youth entrepreneurs and leaders enthusiastic about changing Africa and comforting it from all its instabilities. Strategically placed in all structures our governments & authorities had placed to empower youth for development which is proving to be a failure. These structures and systems are still in place to date, for example, the Students/Youth Councils, programs that help facilitate youth’s ability to participate in the development, have a source of income, and attain a quality education and much more; as youth leaders at the camp, we had been at the top of this failing system youth leadership. However, being champions of the systems in place to help young people, we discovered their ineffectiveness and what we could do to be part of the solutions.

The education system continues to create knowledgeable unskilled graduates, frustrates youth’s efforts of meaningfully participating in development, limitation of using ICT and digital tools has kept many uninformed, and more. In the long run, sustainable development has been a long far dream yet to be achieved, leaving control of the economy, society, politics, information and more to the few leaving others in abject poverty, increased corruption, unemployment, the list goes on creating discomforts around the mighty continent.

Hence, we chose to do something about it. We held a series of activities such as entrepreneurship training, business setups, youth camps and more. But these only helped a few of us, therefore during the 2013 International Youth Camp in Zanzibar, Tanzania we organized, 57 youth leaders’participated from all over 23 countries in Africa, Europe, and the USA. We passed a resolution to build an organization that is focused on not only addressing the challenges faced but also creating a practical exemplary model. We chose not to complain about what went wrong but rather chose to be the solution and help comfort Africa. Hence Faraja (to mean comfort in Swahili) Africa Foundation was founded by a team led by Emmanuel Wabwire with a specific mission to prepare emerging leaders to initiate, develop, and sustain community and youth development initiatives through creating an enabling environment for employability and digitalization of information. With the support of a remarkable team of members like Moses Okumu and Terhemba Ahile, the organization has impacted lives and still is.

We are a role model organization creating social change through our self-financed model. This is only possible through the extra services we offer as a strategy to earn the organization a surplus fund. Hence we carry out our activities without entirely depending on donor funding, which has proved to be sustainable.  We trained over 247 young people in entrepreneurship, over 23 of them have started successful businesses; we also built the capacity of 10 members of parliament in areas of leadership, communication, community organizing and financial management. As a result, 7 districts formed community organizations which have helped in creating a conducive environment for community development initiatives.

By 2016 January, we decided to formalize the organization by registering Faraja Africa Foundation with the government. The Foundation has dedicated itself to achieving the mission and vision of an independent and self-sufficient Africa that has empowered and socially engaged citizens that conserve their environment, heritage, and cultures. We believe youth the most important sources of untapped potential for wealth creation, the influence governance processes, and sustainable development. Hence we help facilitate the process of their empowerment, education, and engagement through increasing their access to information, financial opportunities, exposure to governance processes and build in society 21st-century digital skills. We do this through our model & implement directly or through partnering & supporting various grass-root non-governmental organizations in respective societies of implantation.

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