About Us


Welcome to Faraja Africa Foundation

Africa is home to the world’s youngest and fastest growing population of talented, but untapped potential. Although diverse sources continue to portray Africa as a dark continent filled with unemployment, cultural erosion, political instability, conflict, corruption, natural & man-made disaster, disease outbreaks, gender inequality and much more, we see a sleeping lion that needs to be nurtured and have its young people rise like a phoenix to bring everlasting change. Unlike other non-profits that focus on problems in Africa.  Faraja (Swahili word for comfort) Africa Foundation take a different paradigm that empowers and provides young people with the needed skills to succeed. The Foundation was founded in 2013 during the International Youth Camp in Zanzibar, Tanzania with inspiration from a team of social entrepreneurs. Faraja Africa Foundation is a youth-led Non-profit Organization.

With the current focus on Social entrepreneurship, leadership & civic engagement with the strong use of technology and digital tools, the Faraja Africa Foundation; Focuses on Providing training to youth during the fellowship year. Providing ongoing training and coaching for leaders in the field. Assessing the needs that youth initiated projects have as they move toward sustainability. Training youth in both civic engagement and entrepreneurship. Promoting civic engagement among youth empowering legislatures and Local Leaders with community organizing skills support the development and work of local communities. Organizing and facilitating public engagement activities as we keep our primary focus on youth leaders, their development, and their needs across Africa.

Our Vision


Molding young African leaders who are socially and economically empowered.

Our Mission


To facilitate the process of youth empowerment by creating platforms for meaningful economic, social, and political engagement.

Our Story


In response to the negative perceptions that African youths have of their continent – a “Dark Continent” full of discomforts, mortality, political instability, and high poverty rates – a team of young entrepreneurs met in 2013, with a goal to showcase Africa’s best-kept secret – its emerging human capital to work in the transformation of their communities. This would in the long run move our mindsets away from the negative stereotypes of the continent with “Faraja (Swahili for comfort) Africa” acting as a change vehicle.

On 13th January 2016, Faraja Africa was formally registered as a non-governmental organization in Uganda. For sustainability, the model of Faraja Africa is distinctive, operating as a digital social enterprise generating revenue to fund activities related to its mission.

In addition, Faraja’s commitment to youth empowerment and engagement has led to numerous collaborations with funding and government agencies. These successes have positioned Faraja as the to-go-to entity for digital storytellers, conveners, and youth-led and focused social entrepreneurs.

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