Our Mission

To prepare emerging leaders to initiate, develop and sustain youth community and economic initiatives.

Our Vision

An informed economically empowered and socially engaged youth-led society with 21st-century skills dedicated to building the African continent.

About Us

Our story begins in 2013, a team of youth entrepreneurs
and leaders enthusiastic about changing Africa. Strategically
placed in all structures our governments & authorities had
placed to empower youth for development.

Our Thematic Areas



We equip young people with entrepreneur and employable skills. Hence enable them to start businesses or increase their chances to employment. In return, they driving social change by contributing to nation building through.



Technology is the new way to go, that’s why we empower youth with e-commerce skills and strategies on how to boost businesses. We increase access to information that offers solutions, opportunities to finances, markets (global-sales of products on online platforms) and above all increase income generation avenues.



Leadership and civic engagements are key in addressing community problems and poverty. Engaging youth in policy development processes is key to addressing their problems. Our platforms encourage youth to advocate, mobilize knowledge, raising voices, ensuring transparency and accountability on current interventions.



We facilitate platforms for networking and dialogue both off and online between leaders, young people and the local and online communities in the respective localities in governance processes for meaningful participation in Uganda and the rest of Africa. We amplify voices of young people adding their participation in discussions that drive policy change by lobbying for proper laws and policies in youth development, employment, governance, climatic change and protection of culture and the African heritage.

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