Our Programs


ICT and Digital Literacy

The 21st century is a digital and information error, hence this programs equips young people with digital skills that they can use for employability, wealth creation and to drive social change. Hence eliminating the middle man in marketing and mor, empowering youth to manage heir own finances maximumly. We are currently profiling National leaders and helping to create platforms for them to interface with their communities at a lower cost. At the same time, we are helping create access to information for young people on our thematic areas across Africa in partnership with Robben Island Museum (Nelson Mandela’s Prison)

Social Entrepreneurship

This program focuses on empowering young people with business skills enabling them to start businesses, earn a living and in return impact the community. Our current class is handling 100 young people are from all over 10 Universities in Uganda. Not only are they learning social entrepreneurship skills but also getting the opportunity to interface with mentors. We believe in offering young people a holistic approach to leadership in entrepreneurship. Hence our fellows are equipped with skills, information, empowered to start businesses and engaged in solving social problems in their societies.

Leadership and Civic Engagement

We are currently empowering young leaders with good governance and leadership skills. We also facilitate engagement the leaders and their communities in dialogues and advocacy initiatives. Currently, we are working with 60 Members of parliament connecting them to the 300 National Youth councils and Uganda National Students Association district councils in Northern, Western, Central and Eastern Uganda. They are engaging in discussions on good governance and policy development to help address the issue of unemployment and proper implementation of exiting innervations like the youth livelihood fund.  Leaders are also trained in communication and needs assessment skills through the use of digital tools.


Through social media, websites and other online platforms,  Faraja Africa Foundation helps create platforms for discussions that lead to social change. We previously spear headed an online discussion on financing youth work and youth empowerment during the Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting engaging over 8,000,000 young people in over 52 countries. We also led a discussion on youth empowerment and peace on the Annual National Youth Festival in Uganda which helped bring on table great solutions to unemployment and youth instability hence leading to policy change in the gov’t youth department.
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