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To achieve our objectives, Faraja Africa Foundation’s programs run under four key strategic objectives to guide the formation of our four program pillars. All our projects fall therein. Our implementation is highly intertwined with creative and innovative digital tools. We believe in capturing and amplifying voices since they are not given, mainly in the increasingly shrinking civic space. However, we believe there is not enough wholistic for development to be meaningful and sustainable; hence, there is a need for full participation in governance and democratic processes, health, culture and most impotantly the economy. We are constantly evolving, growing and adapting to our rapidly changing community needs. Hence the structuring of our strategic objectives.

Strategic Objective 1: To have functional platforms for young women and men 18-35 years engaging in key decision-making processes in democratic and governance processes at district, national and regional levels.

Strategic Objective 2: Economically empowered young women and men contributing to the development of their communities.

Strategic Objective 3: Increased promotion and conservation of World Heritage sites, environment, culture & combating climate change in Africa.

Strategic Objective 4: Be a leading convener and consortium on the African continent.


Our objectives, therefore, influence our pillars of programming as;

Climate change is a fast-paced growing hazard in Africa, and climate justice has become.....

In the bid to end poverty and create decent jobs for young people, FAF focuses on bridging the skill gaps for youth............

Under this pillar, FAF supports youth participation in decision-making processes.

In achieving sustainable development, the African culture and heritage are considered without changing it ....