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Faraja Africa Foundation (FAF) believes in self-sustenance and sustainability; FAF envisions a society where young people not only contribute to crucial decision-making processes or their empowerment but also finance this process. That’s why FAF as a Foundation runs a social enterprise, allowing it to be a donor for its work and other youth initiatives across the African Globe. FAF’s social enterprise runs with two primary mandates that support it to achieve the vision and mission it has but also that of multiple youth sector key players in the region. There is an arm for creating literacy and increasing access to information for meaningful critical decision-making. The second arm promotes place-based learning alongside practical skilling of youth for economic empowerment. 

The social enterprise is the broader FAF’s strategy and plans for resource mobilisation and building local investors and donors for Africa’s locally owned and globally connected participatory development. Below are some of our social enterprise affiliates;

Information and Literacy
Place-based Learning

 A strategic communication entity that helps amplify voices and brands in creating more impactful stories to enhance development work in our communities.

A youth television committed to giving platforms for youth work and advancing the young people’s agenda in Africa’s sustainable holistic development process.

 A vehicle to increase the promotion of heritage and culture, supporting the concept of pro-poor, community, heritage and cultural tourism; connecting it with respect of diversity, .....

A platform to promote the protection of the environment and combat the effects of climate change through practising modern and sustainable agriculture......