The Social Entrepreneurs and Leaders Fellowship #SELFEmployUG

The SELF-Program helps create economically empowered and socially engaged youth-led communities in Uganda from within the university system.

The program annually equips 100 youths with employable digital skills and builds their capacities to become influential leaders. Through SELF’s engaging activities, fellows are exposed to new networks and opportunities that they need to develop sustainable businesses passionately dedicated to solving community social problems.

These young people are supported through apprenticeships as they give back to society and uplift fellow youths through peer mentorship schemes which have ensured the sustainability of the SELF project.

The Social Entrepreneurs’ and Leaders’ Fellowship (SELF) aims to usher in a new breed of graduates and leaders equipped to thrive beyond the classroom in all spheres of life.   Fellows are empowered with entrepreneurial, leadership and digital skills required for the 21st century. Their role in community mobilisation, local governance, and sustainable development is also strengthened during the program.

During the program, participants are involved in training, community dialogues, exchange programs, mentorship and community service, which increases their access to information on youth policy, education, employment, financial services, scholarship, and current affairs.