Youth Engagement Policy Advocates- #FarajaYEPA

During a Digital Dialogue in Kampala International University

The YEPA Program is a Systems Approach to Knowledge Mobilization, Training and Advocacy to promote Youth Empowerment and Financial Inclusion in Policy Reform. YEPA is implemented with 300 youth across five districts in five regions in Uganda.

We mainly conduct knowledge mobilization using digital storytelling, allowing youth to create short-videos on youth empowerment mainly focusing on financial inclusion opportunities and challenges, especially among young women and vulnerable groups who are unemployed or underemployed. These user-generated videos cover topics such as, but not limited to financial inclusion policies, programs and personal experiences with service providers. Through YEPA, youth are invited to identify points of success, failure, and lessons learned while starting or building their personal businesses or serving the nation.

All developed findings from YEPA are recommended to inform the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development’s [MGLSD], the Central Bank of Uganda’s National Financial Inclusion Strategy [NFIS], National Action Plan on Youth Employment [NAPYE], and Youth Venture Capital and Youth Livelihood Fund.

This project capitalizes on the 10-plus years of experience, of principal applicants and team members in conducting entrepreneurship, and civic engagement among youth in Uganda. Our ongoing engagement with collaborators in leading Ugandan Universities, the Youth Council, and researchers in US and Canadian Universities provide a solid infrastructure to support both the feasibility of the project and highly effective knowledge mobilization. The researchers provide us with an opportunity to include a rigorous evaluation component that will test the acceptability and efficaciousness of our program.

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