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SELF Accelerator Seed Fund (SASF)

Project overall goal 

Educating, empowering and engaging with the community fellows to facilitate their own business/social enterprise development

Target groups 

 20 entrepreneurs each getting 100 dollars to expand businesses


 Mbarara, lira, Mbale, Soroti, Kampala

Date of Implementation 

October 02nd 2017- October 30th 2018

Project description 

This project seeks out young people who are set to begin their social or entrepreneurial ventures and helps them build them up. Over the past two years, through our programs, Faraja has successfully finished four projects that, through our methodology, focused on educating, empowering and engaging with the community. 

FAF, together with the fellows, facilitate their business/social enterprise development, right from the plan, fundraising, legal entity registration, and incubation. Through FAF, systems in entrepreneurship have been set up alongside the distribution of financial kits. FAF focuses on education transformation while focusing on young men and women empowerment; FAF has skilled over 425 young in social entrepreneurship, leadership and digital innovation. Over 219 women leaders received capacity building in policy development and advocacy from the sub-county to the national level. Our findings showed that there is an increasing need for the use of ICT and Innovation promotion in the implementation of the SELF programme. Young people today use social media to run their businesses and social enterprises at nearly no cost giving them a head start as opposed to the industrial era methodology that requires them to have the capital to start. All it takes today, as noted by our discoveries, is having an idea and means to start. 

SELF fellows leverage community partnerships to help their social enterprises grow sustainably by also rooting deep in the use of ICT and innovation. Those seeking to grow in leadership receive mentorship and comprehensive skills training in effective leadership and management. Manage and expand your business and has financial support. Register, support set up of systems and financially kit.  

Partners: Faraja Social Enterprise