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Faraja Opens a Digital Youth Broadcasting Television for East Africa for Young People


We are proud to announce the opening of a youth digital broadcasting television; Access to information is increasingly becoming expensive for young people and so is media visibility in amplifying their voices. Keeping the young people more marginalised yet they have a lot to not only share but engage in but with fewer opportunities for expression. As traditional media houses continue to disregard young people’s creativity and relevance, the latter have turned to non-traditional media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to share their ideas and thoughts. Which has also given room for the mushrooming of FAKE NEWS.

Hence increasing the need for developing youth-centred and media-driven solutions in this digital age where timely communication is key. With a focus on creating a youth-centred space, Faraja has created a digital television and platform to amplify African young people’s voices and creativity. Faraja Television (also known as FarajaDTv / FDTv) is opened therefore for all young people in Eastern Africa and the rest of Africa.

Faraja Television’s programming module is to reach out to her audiences through the already existent digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, satellite cable, website and other platforms. In so doing, creating a platform that can get young people’s voices amplified to the right audiences, in a timely and digital savvy medium; for civic awareness/engagement, promotion of the social entrepreneurial culture, African heritage among other youth developmental initiatives. It is a youth channel targeting not only a young audience but also that of key decision-makers (inter/governmental actors, civil society, private sector, etc.) and development practitioners. This will help aid in bridging the gap and developing youth-centred policies, programs and well facilitate the development process of young people.

Therefore, FarajaDTv seeks to create a platform for youth to inform, inspire, and empower each other through relevant, trustworthy, and regional-class quality television programs and services. Television is an open platform for all young people regardless in East Africa and not limited.

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Digitalising Access to Menstrual Hygiene Management to Young Girls in Uganda

Our team member Maganda Patricia on Reproductive Health Training with the Community

Faraja Africa Foundation in partnership with Irise Institute East Africa has joined the Period Equality Network (TPEN) in digitalizing the access to menstrual hygiene management of young girls in Uganda amidst the covid-19 pandemic.

The project that will take a period of three months will be capturing stories of young girls, persons with disabilities, community leaders, persons in charge of children affairs from 5 different towns and districts including Kawempe, Mutungo-Biina, Kasese, Rubirizi and Buikwe. These will focus on the coping mechanisms of access to menstrual hygiene management amidst the pandemic, and the roles played to ensure young girls have access to sanitary towels, and information aligned with menstrual hygiene.

This project that aligns with Faraja Africa Foundation’s youth livelihood program will be implemented digitally on our social media platforms with support from platforms of our sister companies, Faraja Digital and Faraja Television. The goal with these will be to create awareness by holding tweet chats and Twitter spaces, live discussions on YouTube or Facebook to see to it that issues affecting young girls in line with menstrual hygiene are addressed and looked at.

Join us today as we digitalise issues in line with menstrual health and hygiene and come up with SMART resolutions in addressing such issues in Uganda.

By Patricia Maganda.