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Transforming Education Program (TEP)

Project Overall Goal 

 Transforming education into skill building and mentorship for youth leaders in eastern Uganda

Target groups 

 60 Headteachers and 40 student leaders


Eastern Uganda bugisu, bukedi, Busoga and Teso sub-regions 

Date of Implementation 

 Six months July 01st to December 2019

Project description 

Faraja Africa Foundation, in partnership with Action Aid Uganda since 2018, commemorated International Youth Day with a stand-alone national programme, the National Youth Parliament of its own, bringing together key players in the youth fraternity.  In the recent event, the country was faced with saddening news of how militant forces brutally attacked young people in Makerere University (MUK) who sought to come out and speak up on the cost of education in not only MUK but all public Universities. Hence, connecting to our discussion, raising issues around reforms to be made not only in institutions of higher learning but also at primary and high school level. Hence pausing the question, is privatising our education system increasing or decreasing access to education? Following the petition FAF presented to the Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda, FAF has conducted campaigns that spark a national debate on transforming our education system. Engaging key stakeholders from the local government (District Education Officers), head teachers, University heads and students’ leaders, and other key stakeholders.   

 Although efforts have been made to rectify the problem in our education system, no conclusive action has been listed among the priority areas of government. This campaign will bring the voices of all stakeholders hence involving them in demanding action collectively.   


Action aid and United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation