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Virtual Climate and Environmental Engagement (VCEE)

Project overall goal 

To create awareness using online teleconference and advocacy tools about environmental conservation issues and bring more people into the communities to be part of initiatives.

Target group 

 500 youths( students from universities, climate activists, environmental scientists, industry owners and key stakeholders)



Date of Implementation 

1st – 30th July 2022 

Project description 

Faraja Africa Foundation focuses on increasing access and consumption of information through the creation of amazing content produced through multimedia and shared on all internet/digital and traditional platforms. This engagement was intended to heighten awareness about environmental problems, build knowledge through education about the impact of human behaviours on nature, and change human behaviours to increase sustainability. In particular, globalization and migration have led to a growing need to understand environmental engagement across nations and cultures.  The VCEE engaged young people from university environment clubs, climate activists, environmental scientists, industry owners, and critical stakeholders from Saving Lake Victoria project, Uganda Wildlife Authority, to discuss the impact of their activities on the environment while suggesting ways on sustainable ways of using the environment. While utilizing the covid19 second lockdown period between 1st and 30th July 2022 in partnership with Youth Go green Uganda, Saving Earth Africa

Partners: Faraja Digital