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Youth Green Jobs Initiative (YOGJI)

Project overall goal 

Capacity building in west Nile focuses on the green economy sustainability. 

Target groups 

800 youths and entrepreneurs 


West Nile, Uganda 

Date of Implementation 

June 01st 2017-30th June 2021 

Project description 

Environmental issues are a focal point in today’s global discussion. FAF realizes the need for environmental engagement. FAF organised a platform for young people from West Nile to create green economy businesses that are sustainable to our environment and nature. The project aimed to initiate community actions that preserve natural heritage with a focus on animal protection and afforestation, as well as to raise awareness of the conservation of the environment. 

The project was organised during the covid19 times to fight against poverty. To date, we have engaged over 500 youth in promoting environmental conservation through green jobs initiatives. In the fight against poverty with a mindset of preserving our environment. By organizing the Youth Camps and Exchange programs, we have learned how to deal with diversity in culture, religion, and intellect. Despite the differences, we have always managed to inspire collective effort for sustainable development. In empowerment, our program increased access to information for our entrepreneurs.