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Project overall goal 

To strengthen the capacity of Members of Parliament to digitally and meaningfully engage with young people in their respective constituencies and the country at large.

Target Group 

5 Youth Members of Parliament, 20 Women Members of Parliament and 6 National Youth Council and Students Council Leaders. 


Lira, Alebtong, Otuke, Kyenjojo, Nebbi, Kampala, Buikwe, Mbale, Soroti, Jinja, Arua, Gulu, Masaka, Tororo and Kisoro.

Date of Implementation 

May 1st 2016  to-date.

Project Description 

FAF acknowledges the fact that there is a constant need to empower our Members of Parliament with strategic communication skills to enable them to project policy issues to their constituencies in the 21st century. Policies developed without involving the end user have poor adoption rates, are misinterpreted, rarely empower or lift people out of poverty and lead to ineffective democracies. However, policy and advocacy are potent tools if well utilized and can enhance mechanisms of service delivery, democracy, transparency and accountability for good governance. When citizens are informed, lawmakers are in touch with their communities, scholars & civil society are providing needed research to inform policy development, and civic leaders are at the forefront of advocacy campaigns, collectively will ensure the efficiency of government performance in service delivery, reduction of corruption hence creating accountable leaders and concerned citizens 

Through the MP-Connect program, we build bridges and transfer knowledge across sectors through constructive dialogue using traditional and modern public engagement tools. Our approach helps catalyze good governance, public service leadership, and business development. These have led to the National Youth Parliaments and East African Youth Parliaments. Through this, MPs and their teams develop digital and modern social entrepreneurial skills to help them increase effective community interventions that will eventually create economic empowerment.  

Lastly, the project Faraja Africa Foundation helps MPs strengthen partnerships in their constituencies for collective impact. This is mainly between parliamentarians and other national, regional and international stakeholders to strategically address public service and governance issues, human capital, and economy and competitiveness.  


Parliament of Uganda, CEDA International, UPFYA, Westminster Foundation For Democracy and others.